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Different Bridesmaid Gift Options that are Memorable

It is actually not a requirement for you to give your bridesmaids with thank you gifts. However, this never really gets unappreciated. There’s a good chance that your wedding party would have more than one occasion like organizing a bachelorette party, bridal shower and volunteering time for bridesmaid dress fittings and bridesmaid gifts, which are in fact thoughtful tokens of gratitude. Check out the bridesmaid boxes nz.

The best kind of bridesmaid gifts are in fact ones which shows that you really thought about choosing them. This would mean personalizing the item and choosing something of which fits with their interest. The selection of bridesmaid gifts is often based on the style or on the process of assembling a bridesmaid gift basket that is full of useful accessories. When you are in search for some bridesmaid gifts that are cheap, there are various options that are available. 

Always remember that there’s really no right or wrong time when it comes to giving bridesmaid gifts. When you plan on giving something which is helpful to them leading to the wedding, just like an external battery charger, it is best that you have all together and give them gifts at the same time. You may also consider the rehearsal dinner in handing out the wedding gifts for your bridesmaids while you give them a big thank you on the eve of the wedding, which is really sentimental. Some cheap options of the said gifts are:

Photo Books

You probably have shared a lot of wonderful memories together. One of the best bridesmaid gifts would be a photo book that is filled with wonderful photos of your adventures. This one will surely be treasured by them.  Get ready to learn about bridesmaid gift boxes, view here for more.

Tea and Coffee Gift Baskets

Another good option would be a bridesmaid gift basket that comes with tea, coffee and treats. It is simply one of the best thoughtful presents. 

Dresser Sets

There’s a good chance that your bridesmaid doesn’t have one of it. There are those that comes with a three-piece set which is the brush, mirror and comb. These are simple gifts to where these hair accessories are not disposable.  Learn more tips at

Framed Picture

Having a photo of both you and your best friend is truly best, especially when it is not only inside your phones. For every bridesmaid, you can have the amazing picture printed and framed for them to cherish. 

Bracelet of Friendship

You may have already swapped friendship bracelets before. But a bridesmaid gift box with a friendship bracelet will give them an adult version of the ones that you have exchanged before as kids and gives a meaningful message to it. 

A bridesmaid gift box can actually be filled with different things. Such kind of gifts can be placed with anything they like and are useful to them. You may even add a beautiful sticker that says thank you to them in order to make it more special and memorable.